Darkness and the light 

I’m dipping back into the archives today… This is the teaser poster for trailblazing Aussie movie The Tunnel, shot back in 2010. Incidentally produced by the magnificent Enzo Tedeschi and Ahmed Salama.

We had a fun brief for this film. If you haven’t heard of the movie, essentially a pushy journalist and her crew bite off more than they could chew by exploring the tunnels underneath Sydney’s CBD. Also, we shot this before the film started principal photography, so in essence we established the de facto look of the film for the audience.

So this was a teaser poster, designed to generate buzz around the project. Shot in the studio, we had to make it feel like she was in the pitch black of a tunnel, whilst still being able to see her. She needed to be terrified and filthy….and sexy. We also had to make it iconic.


It’s one of those things that’s counterintuitive, but to make something look dark with photography, you actually need lots of light. Or more accurately, lots of lights. And we used rather a lot of lights. We needed to shape her but also make the darkness seem to cling. 

Tricky, but fun. And a good result in the end too.

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