Feb 16

I Don’t Matter (but actually you do)

I Don't Matter

This is an image I shot last year. I’ve put it up again because I feel it’s even more relevant now.

In the image, the girl is both pushing him away and pulling him close. He’s both dropping her and holding her up. There’s a lot of tension there. Is she trapped?

I was having coffee with an old friend of mine, Tara, who was a top model for well over a decade. We were speaking about models and fashion, and how it was such a meat grinder for women, when she made an interesting statement. The whole time she was modeling her predominant feeling was, to quote her, ‘I don’t matter’.

I don’t matter.

Tara felt that she was just a disposable object, judged only by her looks and not by who she was as a person.

That’s a horrendous sentiment and something I had to explore. And that exploration became this image, which expanded into something broader than just modeling.

There seems to be constant and now almost deafening news of blatant and violent misogyny, of rape, of domestic violence. This shouldn’t be happening, but it is. Men who feel they’ve lost their place in the world lashing out at the women they perceive as their rivals. I am a man and profoundly an equalist. I’ve never cared whether someone was male or female, just who they were. I cannot and will not sympathise with those men.

I don’t matter.

If you know that you don’t matter, do you need to be treated with respect?

The obvious answer is yes. And please don’t misconstrue any part of this as victim shaming. What I’m trying to explore is the mindset, originally through the lens of a model’s experiences.

In the end, both Tara and I wanted to create an image that would only lead to more questions, which is a good thing.

Please remember, you always matter.

Stylist: Monique Caldow
Make up artist: Kelly-Marie Waters
Assist: Veronica Wood
Retoucher: Suriya Black
Her: Mel Wasson
Him: Craig Foster