A snap and it’s forever 

 Again dipping into the archives, going well back to 2009 to behind the scenes on the Denim and Thread campaign.
What a fun job. More than 6 years later, it still holds pride of place in my folio. 
This is a funny business. Most of the work you shoot generally isn’t the most interesting (comparatively) – it’s a job and you’re paid to do it. And that’s a wonderful thing – getting paid to do what you love to do. It can feel a bit creatively bereft though. But sometimes, rarely, you’re allowed to make something special. 

That campaign was special. I put up the hero a while ago – https://www.instagram.com/p/_VuYEURG5a/. 

This is a quick snap I pulled off while we were setting up for another shot – we were all in the zone, so quickly – click! Another moment noted forever.

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